Fillgapp - Intelligent Messaging

- Queries
- Scheduling
- Bulk Auto messaging through SMS & Email
- Fill the gap between you & important people in your life
- Emotion Sharing

Fill the gap between you & your important people & your needs,relationships &finances etc.

Whatever may be the situation, always be in touch with most important people of your life as best as possible. let your mobile behave like a human who receives commands , processes and reports on your behalf automatically. let your mobile become a safeguard or a friend in need & always.


★ How safe are you when travelling or in busy schedule? when you are not able to respond on your own, how does your spouse/family/best buddies access you? how about your mobile responds automatically on your behalf as per your wish?

-your mobile can respond to more than 30 queries automatically for your configured contacts. queries like where are you? send call log? do you have money? send contact no? etc can be responded by your mobile automatically

★ In this busy world, how are you filling the communication gap between you & your important people (i.e spouse/lover, family members, friends, customers , business/professional contacts, relatives, society etc)? do you want to improve your relationships either personal or business? how do you advertise your business more?

- Configure predefined messages (times & frequency) in a bulk so that Fillgapp sends sms/email automatically.
- Import face book friend's birthdays and wish them automatically to cherish relationships
- Automatically sends busy message when you are busy, sends reminder message when somebody didn't respond, thank you message after the call finishes.

★ Wants to send nice emotional messages to important people, they can play music, greeting, video?

- Whenever you send/receive an sms (i love you, i miss you etc) a music or video played or a greeting card can be displayed



Fillgapp answers as an intelligent robot for more than 20 queries on your behalf for important people in your life through SMS, provides data access during any emergency.


Fillgapp analyses & can respond to more than 30 queries automatically for your configured contacts & you take the right decision & notify to your safeguards automatically during any emergency


where you can configure everything at your finger tips...


Fillgapp combines core of Data Capture and Business Intelligence on top of all mobile services

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